Henna Golden Blonde Sitarama Dyed vegetables and Henne  Available on Yumibio.com

TheHenna Color of Sitarama is ideal for those with fine hair and light. It strengthens the bulbs, makes the hair more shiny and full-bodied and with long-term use resolves the problems of split ends.

This coloring gives the hair a golden twinkle.

Formato: 100 gr
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The Henna Color of Sitarama is a line based on the powder of henna (Lawsonia Inermis) and mixed with other plant powders derived from plants tintoree; a real beauty treatment for your hair.

Henna is an herb tintorea by the many benefits, in addition to coloring, cleans the hair, them, strengthensthem, gives volume, makes them more shiny and full-bodied. It is ideal for those hair fine and weak , and those with problems of dandruff. With prolonged use helps people who suffer from psoriasis and dermatitis, and also resolves the problems of split ends.

Henna respects the structure of your hair and renews the natural color, giving a beautiful and intense coloured reflections; covers the white hair, color tone on tone, it gives volume and care the hair. Fades after 4/5 washes.

Henna Golden Blonde is the best quality of henna of excellence that you can find on the market, micronized finely to ensure a light powder such as talc, and ensure the mixture is very soft and creamy.

How to use: add boiling water to the powder dye vegetable and mix. This natural colour cannot lighten your hair. The final result depends on their initial color. The powders can be mixed to obtain different colors.

INCI: Lawsonia Inermis (all the other substances are of vegetable origin and allow you to obtain a variety of shades).

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100 gr
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