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Duplex is the perfect combination of LOOFAH and sea Sponge Natural, which is used to exfoliate gently the skin of the body.

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The first Mascrub Exfoliating - Massaging effect to make skin bright and velvety, with a single gesture. What is Duplex? The frame is perfect and innovative in terms of two jewels of Nature: Loofah Vegetable Sponge, and Natural Sponge of the Sea.
Apply to damp skin on the usual detergent. Soften the duplex under the warm water, and make two simple steps: Step 1: exfoliate your skin with Loofah using circular movements, insisting on the parts that need it most. Step 2: massage with the softness of the marine sponge by eliminating detergent residues and impurities. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water
The skin regains its natural glow. Immediate brightness. The habitual use of a skin-smoothing (depending on your needs and skin type) helps the cell renewal process.
Rinse very well after each use, removing any residual detergent. Let it dry in a ventilated place. Do not use the Loofah on parts that are red, damaged or irritated skin. Always avoid the eye contour. Sensitive skin: once a week. Normal skin/mixed: two times a week.
10 x 7 cm

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I Tuoi Vantaggi

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