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Fine Sponge Lady Washed

Sea sponge 100% natural, to use for bathing children, for the cleansing of the body, or for the removal of make up.

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The sea sponges "Fine Lady" are ideal for the care of the face and the dry skin of the body is delicate, like that of infants, children and the elderly. Super-soft when wet, the surface of the sponge seems to be velvet to the eye and to the touch.

Perfect for bathing children. Excellent for cleaning and facial care. The sea sponge removes perfectly the makeup, and impurities , leaving it perfectly clean, bright and healthy. Ideal for applying foundation and face powder: for a uniform makeup, avoiding the glossy effect and eliminate the excesses. Great for blending eyeshadow and to correct for the small smudges of makeup. Can also be used for those who has very sensitive skin and/or problems.

The brownish color of these sponges is due to the fact that they are only washed and purified from the impurities of the limestone and organic matter. Not being bleached, they have the property of being much more durable. Benefits: their softness purifies the impurities of the skin and does not irritate the skin as they can make some synthetic sponges.

The natural sponges can be used for a multitude of applications and benefits annex: Perform a deep cleansing Stimulate blood circulation, Invigorating the skin making it more bright

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