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A Hair mask Strawberry

Mask for hair restructuring and fortifying Uvafragola, the fragrance of the grape and strawberry, suitable for all hair types.

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The HairButter contain a natural filter (pongamia), which protects from the sun's rays, from brackish water, from external agents (cold, humidity, heat), from the chlorine in the swimming pool.

And is suitable for all types of hair: fat, frizzy, dry, brittle or treated. The keratin is a protein is essential to rebuild the hair and strengthen them from the inside out and creates a sort of protective sheath that remains in place even after the rinse.

The hops strengthens the roots and allows the hair to grow stronger and more quickly. Nettle reduces excess sebum rebalancing the natural PH of the scalp, cleans the hair bulbs from dead cells; in this way, the blood vessels will be stimulated. It is against the thinning from stress or obstruction of the pores derived from an excess of sebum.

The carrot is rich In vitamin a and B, which promote the circulation of the scalp. Ulva lactuca is rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that act on the whole of the capillary structure. The shea butter contains many vitamins including vitamin A, D and E. it Combats the dehydration and dryness, gives shine, repairs damaged hair and processed for preventing the formation of split ends.

HOW to USE IT Can be used to massage the scalp, because it is absorbed quickly by the skin. The hair mask is not a substitute for the balm and need a certain shutter speed (are enough 10 to 15 minutes), and exerts a nourishing, extremely intense compared to hair conditioner. You use after the shampoo, apply it evenly on the whole head of hair, without excess, but making it penetrate the skin. Should then be rinsed.

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