Welcome to the family. Welcome to Yumibio.

Hello, we are Daiana and Francis. In the picture with us you will find the queens of the house, Grace and Sophie (that she cannot be stopped even the time of a photo!)

We are the mom and dad to Yumibio, shop for organic cosmetics was born in 2015, when we combined our experience in the world of e-commerce, our passion for nature. At the beginning of this adventure, we decided to become the store we wanted to purchase.

Yumibio - il tuo negozio di cosmesi biologica

We asked ourselves: what do we want from a store bio? A complete offer, attention to the needs of the customer, respect for the environment. So we have started to create the shop of dreams, a little bit at a time, day after day.

We started with products, choosing only the best organic and natural cosmetics, without compromise.

We continued, deciding to put at the centre of our work, our customers, with service quick and friendly. To top it off, we chose to bring our love for the Planet, with expeditions and sustainable programs in solidarity.

Thus was born Yumibio, the first e-commerce ecobio in Italy to have adopted more than 500 trees and ten thousand square meters of forest; the first to have chosen for their shipments only packaging that is recycled, recyclable, and completely plastic-free.

The products Yumibio

On Yumibio find much, but you can't find everything.

Often we tend to confuse quantity with real choice. But we Yumibio we have chosen to think of you. Thinking of you, we have chosen to exclude well known brands, but that are not in line with our philosophy. Thinking of you, we have chosen to put in evidence the certifications and the list of ingredients of all our products.

Thinking of you, we have chosen to insert products for the home, garden and for animal care. To give you the serenity that you deserve, when you buy for yourself and your family. We have chosen for you the best brands of Italian and international.

The cosmeceuticals Domus Olea Toscana, made in Tuscany with active ingredients extracted from the olive groves of the family; Biofficina Tuscany, organic cosmetics "km 0", made with Italian raw materials, The Saponaria, which manufactures its products with raw materials from supply chain ethics and fair trade.

And again, Couleur Caramel, Purobio, Avril and Benecos, for your make-up in harmony with the environment, Khadi and Herbs Janas for the color of your hair with herbal colorants are safe and certified.

The style Yumibio

Yumibio is the shop of cosmetics bio tailor made for you. We like to listen to your requests and implement new solutions to meet thee.

On our site you can find more than 8 thousand products, with descriptions complete and detailed. We divided the products by brand name and type, but we also created a special section to help you find the Cosmetics Right for your needs.

In your every order Yumibio, you can choose the samples that suit you, receive a gift of products to try and also a small aloe arborescens!

We have created for you a program of cashback, which rewards you for every purchase you with a discount voucher and, if you choose to enter our family, you will be able to receive our gifts at Christmas and for your birthday, thanks to our loyalty program!

You always have the option to choose the carrier with which you are most comfortable, and to adopt the payment method you prefer; we offer you the possibility to pay in installments, allowing you to stock up on your favorites during the promo, or to be able to give that product a high-performance that you want from the time.

To help you make informed buying decisions, we have created a blog that we update constantly, with reviews cosmetic, guides, tutorials and news.

We love to stay beside you!

Without you Yumibio would be a shop any.
We are Yumibio thanks to you, that you care for your skin and our Planet.
We are Yumibio because you support our philosophy and you trust us for your purchases aware.

It is for this reason that we want to stay beside you, giving you a continuous assistance in every phase of your order. You need a custom advice? You have problems with your order? The courier is to play treasure hunt?

We are here for you and we respond to all your requests within 24 hours, via e-mail, facebook, whatsapp, telegram.

Our commitment - Yumibio cares

Yumibio was born eco-friendly.

Before green was trendy, we have learned to not waste, to recycle, to protect. For this reason, in recent years we have supported associations not-for-profit committed to the welfare of people, animals and the environment. We have adopted more than 500 trees, donated food to dogs and cats in search of a house, contributed to the protection of endangered animals.

We adopt 1 square metre of rainforest with every order, and all of us together, we have protected more than ten thousand square meters of forest!

You can find out all our initiatives for a happier world in this page, where we'll tell you about our project Yumibio Cares.

Open the door to #paccobrutto

The love for the environment is at the core of our everyday choice and you'll find out when you open the door to our #paccobrutto. The paccobrutto is our packaging environmentally friendly, made only with eco-friendly materials.

Your products travel protected by the accordions in the paper, made by recycling the packaging that we receive from our suppliers. The outer carton is sealed with a paper tape, made adhesive with water and corn starch, is totally free of glue!

We could do it nice, but the #paccobrutto is our way of loving the Planet. Want to know more? In this page we'll tell you about everything on the PaccoBrutto Yumibio!

The team Yumibio

How can we make it perfect something, if all we take care of everything?

We want to provide you with only the best, and to do so, we built the Team Yumibio, where each of us has a specific task.

Yumibio il tuo perfetto shop online biologico

Vittorio, the grandfather Yumibio, the guardian of the warehouse. Welcomes the couriers and travel supplies on the shelves, in order not to miss anything!
Special features: remove all the scotch tape from the scatoli for recycling at its best. In leisure time ago, from nanny to baby-aloe.

Susi, grandmother Yumibio, lover of the packs perfect. Packs with care the products you purchase to protect it in transport and more adventurous!
Particular signs: always check that everything is in order. Has 15 cats and fill the center of the garden of flowers for the bees.

Rita, the manager of the warehouse. Check that in the shipping department everything runs smoothly. Check that in your package there are all the right products and the samples you love.
Particular signs: he has a special reserve coffee to deal with the promo. She has a cat that thinks he's a parrot and sleeps on his shoulder.

Roberta, head of customer service, and the terror of the couriers. Check that the site is always in order and makes sure that your order to arrive straight to the goal.
Particular signs: as He leaves his trace. If you see candy you can't go wrong, has gone from there!

To finish, we are the...

Francesco, control inventory in warehouse and keep at bay the Ninja Cats. Listening to your requests, to try to give you the best experience Yumibio
Particular signs: I dream of a life in the countryside, but I don't deadlift ever from the pc. My ideal means of transportation-the mozzarella in carrozza.

Daiana, I find the products more beautiful them to you and the story. I devour books on cosmetology and will help you choose the right product. If you need me to, I can always be found on our group Facebook.
Particular signs: I dream to open a daycare for dogs. I live dishevelled and I eat pizza in the time of the laying of the mud anti-cellulite.

The distance is only an opinion! Even if far from our office, to help us every day, we are Valentina, Martina and Federico. You help us to find always new products on the site, listen to your requests and are always ready to help if you need it!

Do you have any question for us?

Write us an e-mail to sito@yumibio.com or contact us here!