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We can create the right atmosphere for the environments of our home, is absolutely safe. Candles and aromas for environments created with the addition of chemical agents can emit, also if in minimum amount, of toxicity. So it is better to opt for candles fragrances and 100% vegetable that can be found on sale online on Yumi Bio, respectful of the environment and of the people.

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Showing 1-9 of 9 item(s)

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Floral water of Hamamelis - Akamuti | Yumibio

Witch hazel water

Price €8.99
Revitalizing lotion Rose - maternatura products|Yumibio
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Revitalizing lotion Rose

Price €11.79
Water of Rosemary maternatura products | Yumibio

Water of Rosemary

Price €10.79
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Lotion Balancing Orange blossom 
 - Maternatura Products| Yumibio

Natural oil Monoi

Natural oil Monoi

Price €10.32 Regular price €12.90 -20%
Laurel Dalmatian - Essential Oil - maternatura products | Yumibio

Laurel Dalmatian - Essential Oil

Price €5.88 Regular price €9.80 -40%
Roll-On Lavender - Akamuti | Yumibio

Roll-On Lavender

Price €5.99
Roll-On Fly Away Bug Drives Away Insects - Akamuti|Yumibio

Candela naturale da massaggio sensuale - Toccami - Kamelì | Yumibio

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