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Henna Cream - Chocolate


Sitarama's Henné Color is ideal for those with thin and weak hair. It reinforces the bulbs, makes the hair shinier and fuller and with prolonged use, it also solves the problems of split ends.

This color gives the hair a chocolate reflection.

Formato: 100 ml
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Henné Color by Sitarama is a line based on henna powder (Lawsonia Inermis) mixed with other powders derived from plants; the result is a real beauty treatment for your hair.

Henna is a dyeing herb with numerous benefits, in addition to coloring, it cleans the hair, reinforcesvolumizes and makes them more shiny and full. It is ideal for thin and weak hair and dandruff-prone scalps. With prolonged use it helps cure psoriasis and dermatitis and also resolves problems with split ends.

Henna respects the structure of your hair and renews its natural color, giving beautiful and intense coppery reflections; covers the white hair, color tone on tone, gives volume and care to the hair. After 4/5 washes the colour will not be as vibrant.

Henné Cream in Chocolate is the best quality henna that you can find on the market, it guarantees a very soft and creamy mixture.

How to use: Super useful and easy to apply, it is a man's favourite since it helps stain beards and mustaches. Leave on for 30 minutes, it comes in handy when you need to cover the growth of the dye.

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Sitarama Crema Cioccolato

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100 ml
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Normali, Fini
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Trattamenti per Capelli, Tinte per capelli
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