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Pure Neem Powder

Phitofilos' Neem powder is ideal for a scalp with excess sebum and dandruff. It also strengthens and invigorates the scalp.

Formato: 100 gr
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PhitofilosNeem powder is considered suitable for both hair and skin care. Its use is an excellent cosmetic treatment for excessive sebum secretion of the scalp even in the presence of dandruff. Reinforces the hair shaft, giving it tone and body.

Henna is a real beauty treatment for the hair, which nourishes and strengthens them from the root while coloring them in a natural way. The colored pigments attach themselves to the outer structure of the hair, without damaging it but creating additional protection against external attacks.

Thanks to the mix of herbs already prepared, it is easier to choose the most suitable color for your hair and prepare it so simply: just add hot water to the powder until you get a creamy and easily spreadable mixture; to increase the nourishing power of henna, you can add yoghurt or honey to the pack before applying it as if it were a normal hair dye.

How to use: Add hot water and let it sit for a few hours to make the color release in the mixture. Apply evenly on the hair, and leave it in place for the desired time, before rinsing with warm water and proceed with the normal washing with shampoo and conditioner.

INCI: Medium Azadiracta Leaf Powder

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PH Neem

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Grassa, Normale
100 gr
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Grassi, Forfora, Normali, Cuoio Capelluto Sensibile
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