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Purophi is a new approach to organic cosmetics, exploring new combinations between organic and inorganic worlds, technology and physiology, science and nature.

Their formulas are effective and in perfect balance with the ecosystem and with the skin system of those who use them.

Purophi offers pure and innovative Cosmeceuticals, certified organic by AIAB, Vegan, Nickel tested and cruelty free.


Alpha Tonic Antipollution Screen - Purophi| Yumibio

Facial Cleanser...

My Age Mat - Purophi| Yumibio

My Age The Normal Dry - Purophi| Yumibio

Fragile Very Sensitive Skin - Purophi| Yumibio

Serum Exfoliating Enzyme -...

White Diamond Elixir - Purophi| Yumibio

Oil Enlightening and...

Inhibition Mask - Purophi| Yumibio

Foundation Medium Dark ( R ) - Purophi | Yumibio

Foundation Medium Dark (R)

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