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Liquidflora it is an Italian company that offers innovative, performing and effective cosmetics and natural make-up, the result of research and exclusive formulas. 

A wide catalog to take care of the skin and always be beautiful. 

Liquidflora it is an Italian company that produces innovative and effective natural cosmetics, guaranteeing an immediate hydration of the skin and a better penetration of the active ingredients, thanks to exclusive formulating technologies.

The result is "Advanced organic make-up", a line that represents the most advanced tip of certified organic make-up.

A wide catalog of cosmetics for facial care (Cleanser, Scrub, Mask etc..) and for its Beauty (BB Cream, foundation, lipstick, Mascara, eye shadow, Eye Pencil etc..) 

Fluid Foundation Hurbena...

Foundation Mineral Compact -05 Biscuit - Liquidflora | Yumibio

Hurbena - Cream Lift Densive - Liquidflora | Yumibio

Huberna - Cream Lift Densive

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