List of products by brand La Saponaria

Gel cream Vegan to the Feet and Legs - The Saponaria | Yumibio

Cream Base Ecobio - The Saponaria | Yumibio

Cream Base Ecobio

Price €8.99
Cleansing Base Ecobio - The Saponaria | Yumibio

Cleansing Base Ecobio

Price €8.99
Face cream with Moisturizing Aloe and Argan oil -The Soap|YumiBio

Nourishing Face cream Argan and Shea butter -The Soap|YumiBio

White clay Powder - The Soap|YumiBio

White clay Powder

Price €2.29
Green clay Powder - The Soap|YumiBio

Green clay Powder

Price €2.29
Exfoliating Gel for the...

Body oil for Massage Draining - Fitocell - The Saponaria|YumiBio

Organic Shea butter

Organic Shea butter

Price €7.49
Sweet Almond oil Organic - The Saponaria|YumiBio

Sweet Almond oil Organic

Price €9.99
Wet Wipes Bio-Sensitive, The Soap|YumiBio

Wet Wipes Bio Delicate

Price €2.49
Fluid Body Moisturizer with Argan and Olive Oil - The Soap|YumiBio

Body butter with Almond and...

Body butter with Almond and Ginger

Price €5.59 Regular price €6.99 -20%
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Biodeo Fresh Line Roots Saponaria| Yumibio

Biodeo Soft Line Roots Saponaria| Yumibio

Cleansing Juice of the Flowers - The Saponaria| Yumibio

Detergent Sweet Foam - The Saponaria| Yumibio

Cleansing Fresh Foam

Price €5.89
Body cream Nourishing - Soft Shea butter - The Soap| Yumibio

Hydrating Body cream - Sorbet Flowers - The Saponaria| Yumibio