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Finished Earth it is a laboratory specializing in mineral make-up.

Each Cosmetic is the result of a mix of minerals and clays that give unique results and performances.

Finished Earth it is a cosmetic company specialized in the realization of mineral make-up.

Mineral makeup is simply the result of inorganic and natural molecules that color, protect, brighten and purify the skin.

Mica, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, kaolin, clay, iron oxides and Ultramarines are ingredients that give makeup a long life and protection from ultraviolet rays.

This is a makeup that does not clog the pores of the skin, absorbing excess sebum and not drying out the skin. 

A wide range of foundation, eye shadow, blush, bronzer for a natural look and similar to all skin types.

Foundation Mineral Phibest 2C - Light Rose - Finis Terre | Yumibio

Bronzer Mineral for skin media - Consuelo - Finis Terre | Yumibio

Brush Angled Blush - Finisterre | Yumibio

Brush Angled Blush

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