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Biopark Cosmetics
€7.69 (tax incl.)
The apricot kernel oil is an oil very popular and is ideal for aromatherapy and massage. It is particularly useful for dry skin, mature and sensitive and it helps to soothe inflammation and burns. Helps to prevent...
Biopark Cosmetics
€7.99 (tax incl.)
Wheat Germ Oil by Biopark is an oil regenerating, soothing and moisturising for very dry skin and chapped.
Biopark Cosmetics
€9.99 (tax incl.)
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Sebum-balancing, soothing, against scaling, anti-wrinkle. Theevening primrose oil has many properties that make it perfect for the care of every skin type.
Biopark Cosmetics
€9.99 (tax incl.)
By the properties of moisturizing and antioxidants, the oil is perfect for dry and mature skin. Regenerates, smooths and brightens the skin. Perfect to remove make up.
€43.99 (tax incl.)
TheOil of prickly pear Isha is an organic oil, pure, cold-pressed by a strong anti-age action. Specific for dry, mature and relaxed, tightens and tones the skin tissue, the skin firm and compact.
€13.99 (tax incl.)
TheCoconut Oil is Pure and Raw Coccoon is made inthe Island of Bali, from the small farming communities that work in compliance with the biological cycles of the plant. Obtained from Coconuts harvested by hand, is...
La Saponaria
€5.99 (tax incl.)
TheAvocado Oil and the Vegan of The Saponaria is an oil anti-aging suitable for all skin types, especially mature, dry and sensitive.
La Saponaria
€21.59 (tax incl.)
TheOil of Argan, The Saponaria is a pure oil, 100% organic skin care of face and body and hair weak and dull.
Antos Cosmetici
€4.49 (tax incl.)
TheRice Bran Oil of Antos has soothing properties, soothing, protective and anti-aging for the treatment of mature skin, sensitive, problem, and irritated.
Antos Cosmetici
€6.00 (tax incl.)
L'Arnica Oil of Antos has anti-inflammatory properties and analgesic for the treatment of wounds, burns, inflammation, bruises and sports massage.
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