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  • Certificato: Fair Trade
  • Certificato: Prodotto Naturale
Tea Natura
€4.99 (tax incl.)
The Amla Tea Natura is a cosmetics, traditional and versatile. The product, in ayurvedic and antioxidant, can be used on hair or even on the face and body to regenerate cells with anti-aging effect. The product is...
Le Erbe di Janas
€11.49 (tax incl.)
Not in stock
The Butter Murumuru of herbs Janas has moisturizing properties, restructuring, reparative and protective properties.Indicated for dry hair, damaged, damaged hair for dry and damaged skin.
Le Erbe di Janas
€3.90 (tax incl.)
Not in stock
The Cocoa Butter and The herbs of Janas has nourishing, toning, firming, soothing, protective. Indicated for curly hair and dry and for dry skin, mature and normal.
Le Erbe di Janas
€1.99 (tax incl.)
The Ghassoul Herbs Janas is a'Clay Saponifera Moroccan perfect for the cleansing of Skin and Hair.. Vegan and Nickel Tested.
Michele Rinaldi
€8.50 (tax incl.)
The gold Rod of Michele Rinaldi is a plant rich in saponins and mucilage from the anti-inflammatory properties, detoxifying and astringent.
Le Erbe di Janas
€3.49 (tax incl.)
Green Clay, The Herb of Janas is is perfect for creating Masks, Facial Cleansing for Oily and Impure Skin. Vegan and Nickel Tested.
Top Op
€3.99 (tax incl.)
The licorice root powder of Top Op (known as Mulethi / Malethi) is an excellent natural cure for mature and impure skin, subject to acne or skin spots. It is the perfect natural ingredient for your DIY natural recipes!
Le Erbe di Janas
€7.89 (tax incl.)
The Mango Butter to The herbs of Janas has anti-inflammatory properties, emollient, regenerating, antioxidant and moisturizing properties.Indicated for dry hair, fragile, damaged, brittle, and dry, mature skin.
Michele Rinaldi
€9.80 (tax incl.)
The Mauve Blue Flowers of Michele Rinaldi is a plant rich in mucilage of emollient, moisturizing and soothing for the skin and hair.
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