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For a make-up safe, 100% bio, not just cosmetics and products based on natural elements. They deserve a proper attention also to the tools and applicators, such as brushes. On Yumi Bio, you can find the best set of brushes and accessories for the safe use of cosmetics at the cheapest price.

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Showing 1-20 of 140 item(s)

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Eye Blending Brush - Lily Lolo / Yumibio
Brow Brush - Dual End Angled Brow & Spoolie Brush-Lily Lolo |Yumibio
Angled brush from Blush and Sculpting no. 11

Angled brush from Blush and Sculpting no. 11

Price €16.10 Regular price €17.89 -10%
Set Brushes Face - Finis Terre | Yumibio

Set Brushes Your Face

Price €71.12 Regular price €88.90 -20%
Brush Cushion Kabuki - Neve Cosmetics | Yumibio

Brush Cushion Kabuki

Price €15.90
Gift Set, Palette, and Brushes | Yumibo
Brush for Blush - Liquidflora | Yumibio

Brush for Blush

Price €18.00
copy of Sponge Silicone...

Tweezer Bite Crab - Avril | Yumibio

Tweezer Bite Crab

Price €1.99
Brush for Powder no. 1 - Couleur Caramel | Yumibio

Brush for Powder no. 1

Price €29.19
Set Floppy Cleansing - The Soap | Yumibio

Set Floppy Cleansing

Price €7.60
Mirror-Wood - Avril | Yumibio

Mirror in Wood

Price €3.19 Regular price €3.99 -20%
Sharpener for Pencils - Avril | Yumibio

Sharpener for Pencils

Price €1.60 Regular price €2.00 -20%
Sharpener DoubleSwitch - Neve Cosmetics | Yumibio

Sharpener Double Switch

Price €5.50
Blending Stamp - Sponge for the Foundation - Neve Cosmetics | Yumibio

Brush The Fondant - Purophi| Yumibio

Brush Foundation - Fondant

Price €35.99
En-pieces Refill Palette Eyeshadows

En-pieces Refill Palette, Make up

Price €4.94 Regular price €5.49 -10%
Brush, for Contouring in Synthetic Bristles

Brush for Blush no. 3 - Couleur Caramel | Yumibio
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