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Living in the city involves some difficulties for our skin due to lifestyle and air pollution that can cause premature aging, clogged pores, tense features, dull complexion, tired appearance.

A real "urban aging" that makes us reflect on what the right cosmetics can be to counter the problem.

In our City Life section, you will find many cosmetics with protective, antioxidant, antipollution action that will help you fight the damage caused by the urban lifestyle.

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Showing 1-20 of 54 item(s)

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Peel-Off Mask Detox Oxygenating

Peel-Off Mask Detox Oxygenating

Price €3.77 Regular price €4.19 -10%
In Riordino
Face mask Detox Purifying ecobio Clay Gold

Face mask Detox Purifying ecobio Clay Gold

Price €4.95
Face mask Detox Enlightening ecobio the Black Clay

Mask Detox Soothing ecobio Clay Purple

Donatella - Face Mask...

Scrub The Scalp Detox - The Saponaria | Yumibio

Scrub Scalp - Detox

Price €7.82 Regular price €8.69 -10%
Detox and Anti-blemish face mask-Gyada Cosmetics | Yumibio

Detox and Anti-blemish face mask

Price €8.91 Regular price €9.90 -10%
Hair Mask Detox - Hand | Yumibio

Hair Mask Detox

Price €9.44 Regular price €10.49 -10%
In Riordino
Charcoal Soap Detox - Madara | Yumibio

Soap purifying detox charcoal

Price €9.99
Antipollution Essence-Biofficina Toscana | Yumibio

Anti-Pollution Essence

Price €11.60
Solid Face Mousse Cleanser...

Solid Face Mousse Cleanser - Detox

Price €10.90
Moisturizing Face cream...

Moisturizing Face cream with SPF 15

Price €11.00
Shampoo Hair Detox-the-Kombu - maternatura products | Yumibio

Shampoo Hair Detox-the-Kombu - Urban Protection

Price €10.97 Regular price €12.19 -10%
Oleogel Antipollution Makeup Remover-Biofficina Toscana | Yumibio

Mask Detox for Hair, Basil and Hemp - Phitofilos|Yumibio

Mask Detox Hair with Basil and Hemp

Price €13.95 Regular price €15.50 -10%
Defence Detox Nourishing Cream-Phytocose | Yumibio

Defence Detox Nourishing Cream

Price €14.80
Serum Bioactive Anti Pollution - The Saponaria | Yumibio

Serum Bioactive Anti Pollution

Price €13.32 Regular price €14.80 -10%
Shampoo + Balm - Detox and anti-Dandruff - SensoNaturale | Yumibio

Shampoo + Balm - Detox and anti-Dandruff

Price €14.90
Tonic Mist Detox Lift - Domus Olea Toscana| Yumibio

Tonic Mist Detox Lift

Price €14.99
Anti-Pollution Preventive Face Emulsion-Biofficina Toscana | Yumibio

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