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€19.49 (tax incl.)
The Glycolica Face Cream IperIdratante of Alkemilla is an emulsion with a high moisturizing power with solar filter cheona softness and shine to the skin.
Personal SPA Moisturizer - Lepo| Yumibio Personal SPA Moisturizer - Lepo| Yumibio
Special -15%
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€8.41 (tax incl.) €9.89
Personal SPA Moisturizing Lepo is a box set complete with three different treatments to make your skin hydrated, smooth and toned. Indicated for normal skin, dry and sensitive.
€63.00 (tax incl.)
Daylight Drops Ambaduè is a face serum with antioxidant action that protects the skin from oxidative stress, pollution and the blue light of digital devices.
€15.49 (tax incl.)
L'Hyaluronic Acid of Alkemilla is a serum of pure that helps to smooth out the features of the skin is subject to wrinkles.
€16.49 (tax incl.)
Not in stock
L`Hyaluronic Acid Pure Dr Taffi is a gel concentrate with hyaluronic acid 100% pure . Immediate treatment effect of “injection-like” action that plumps up wrinkles.
Supreme Serum Hyaluronic Acid Vegan Supreme Serum Hyaluronic Acid Vegan
Special -20%
Limited time offer
Eterea Cosmesi
€28.80 (tax incl.) €36.00
The Serum Hyaluronic Acid is the Supreme of Ethereal Cosmetics thanks to its formula - Vegan, and regenerates your face with unprecedented effectiveness for the skin compact, rejuvenated and bright
Annemarie Borlind
€25.00 (tax incl.)
The Serum Eye Contour Anti-Puff EnergyNature Annemarie Borlind with a soft texture that provides freshness and helps make the skin elastic against puffiness and dark circles for a bright look, thanks to pigments and...
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