Specific Face Treatments For Oily Skin

The Specific Face Treatments for Oily Skin are references designed for Routine Facial Oily Skin that help treat particular areas of the damaged, inflamed and blemished.

Rebalance the skin and help to have a uniform grain and healthy.

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Showing 1-17 of 17 item(s)

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Concentrated Purifying Anti-Imperfections Organic and Vegan - Bioearth | YumiBio

Sebum-Lift Serum Anti-Imperfections - Domus Olea Toscana | Yumibio

Serum Bio Active Anti-Imperfections - The Saponaria | Yumibio

Tarake Stick Active...

Roll-On SOS Anti Imperfections

CutePura Roll-On Anti-Imperfections - Alma Lively | Yumibio

Treatment For Pimples - Beonme | Yumibio

Treatment Pimples

Price €8.50
Brufocrema to the Beta Hydroxy acids - Fitocose | Yumibio

Brufocrema to Beta Hydroxy acids

Price €12.80
Purifying Care-Roll On Anti Pimple-Annemarie Borlind | Yumibio

Psogel soothing, calming...
Prodigious Pure Helix...

Point SOS impurity treatment

Point SOS impurity treatment

Price €25.99
Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil

Price €12.89
Hydra-Oil to the Green Tea for Oily Skin - Bioearth| Yumibio

Hydra-Oil to the Green Tea for Oily Skin

Price €24.50
Ointment Tea Tree Oil - Bioearth | Yumibio

Ointment Tea Tree Oil

Price €9.80
Zinc + Niacinamide 11% - Bioearth | Yumibio

Zinc + Niacinamide 11%

Price €8.90
Acne Spot Roll-On...

Acne Spot Roll-On Anti-imperfections

Price €12.60
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