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Concentrated Drainage Wraps
Body cream stretch marks with Ginger and Boswella - Phitofilos| Yumibio
Close the Mud - Fango anti-Cellulite Green Clay - Parentheses Bio | Yumibio
Serum anti-cellulite a slimming and draining Phi Slim Serum-Purophi | Yumibio
Gift Set For Anti-Cellulite | Yumibio
Toning and draining treatment body Drainage Active Concentrate - Ethereal | Yumibio
Cream Ice Anti-Cellulite - Alkemilla| Yumibio
Cream Thermal Anti-Cellulite - Alkemilla|Yumibio
Mud Osmotic Anti-Cellulite - Alkemilla|Yumibio

Mud Osmotic Cellulite

Price €26.79
Concentrated Reducing agent for Bandages - Yumibio
Tisana Drenante - Start Up...

Tisana Drenante - Start Up in Filtri

Price €5.45
Body scrubs Exfoliating with Dribble of the Snail - The Snail | Yumibio
Soap - Pink Grapefruit - Almara Soap | Yumibio

Handmade Soap - Pink Grapefruit

Price €6.99
Anti-Cellulite cream Chilli

Anti-Cellulite cream Chilli

Price €22.70
Body - Gieffe | Yumibio
Body scrubs, Body Firming and Toning - Alia Skin Care | Yumibio

Body scrubs, Body Toning and Firming

Price €20.00
Supplement Anti-Cellulite - Fitocell In - The Saponaria| Yumibio

Supplement Anti-Cellulite - Fitocell In

Price €11.99
Body lotion skin Firming...

Body lotion skin Firming with Spirulina

Price €21.89
Firming cream Seaweed and sea Fennel - Bewell Green| Yumibio

Firming cream Seaweed and sea Fennel

Price €38.99
In Riordino
Body Cream Firming

Body Cream Firming

Price €10.00
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