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€13.89 (tax incl.)
Theanti-Cellulite Oil with 10 herbs 100 ml of Khadi is a treatment that stimulates the metabolism in the different layers of skin and dissolves the excess fat.
Organic Shop
€3.49 (tax incl.)
The Organic Shop Lotus and Sugar Foot Scrub is a delicate scrub that facilitates skin cells renewal. It moisturizes your skin, making it smooth and less fatigued.
Almara Soap
€6.99 (tax incl.)
The Soap - Cappuccino Almara Soap is ideal for cleansing the face and body. Fragrance intense, with notes of coffee and caramel
€10.99 (tax incl.)
The Body Cream Invigorating Incense of Akamuti helps to purify and tone the skin by fighting aging and also helps to relax the mind.
€8.99 (tax incl.)
The Cream-Balm for Hands Healing Akamuti is a balm for the hands , regenerating, nourishing and moisturising.
€8.99 (tax incl.)
The Cream-Balm for the Feet of Akamuti is a cream with nourishing and moisturizing to refresh and regenerate the feet.
€13.99 (tax incl.)
The Mums Tummy Butter Akamuti is a body butter for elasticizing effect, formulated to prevent stretch marks of pregnancy.
€9.99 (tax incl.)
The Moisturizer without the Scent of Akamuti is a body cream free of essential oils with a moisturising action for dry and sensitive skin.
Almara Soap
€6.99 (tax incl.)
The Soap - Pink Grapefruit of Almara Soap is ideal for cleansing the face and body. From the fresh scent of pink grapefruit
€22.89 (tax incl.)
The stretch mark Cream Firming 90/60/90 of Alkemilla is an emulsion based on vegetable oils for elasticity, firming and nourishing in the treatment of stretch marks.
€11.90 (tax incl.)
Not in stock
The Powder Natural foot bath with rice starch and alum LabNatù relaxes your feet and its action limits the sweating for a freshness that lasts a long time.
Biopark Cosmetics
€22.69 (tax incl.)
Not in stock
Cellulite Oil by Biopark is a mixture of essential oils, rich in vitamins and antioxidants for detoxifying and firming, ideal as an anti-cellulite treatment.
Domus Olea Toscana
€28.99 (tax incl.)
The Cream Legs Drena Lift of Domus Olea Toscana is an ideal product to treat a sense of heaviness and swelling of the legs.
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