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Cocco Cream - Coconut and...

Shampoo Conditioner 2 in 1 - Dry and Curly Hair - the Zero Waste Path | Yumibio

Balm Anti Frizz Bio for Dry Hair, Curly and Rebellious

Gellissimo - Macadamia and...

Gellissimo - Macadamia and Apricot Hair Gel

Price €13.90
Shampoo + Balm - Regenerating and Curly - SensoNaturale | Yumibio

V-Mousse - Hibiscus and...

Gift Set For Perfect Curls

Hair mask Restructuring the Sunflower Seeds - maternatura products | Yumibio

Hair mask Restructuring the Sunflower Seeds

Price €13.89
Currant hair stretch Shampoo-Maternatura | Yumibio

Spray Temperature Protecting Device Sapotè - Naturaequa| Yumibio

Nourishing Shampoo with...

Nourishing Shampoo with Wheat Proteins

Price €12.99
Moisturizing Shampoo curly hair with Green Apple - Maternatura | Yumibio

Hazelnut wavy hair stretch mask-Maternatura | Yumibio

Shampoo anti-frizz - Hydrating and Taming - Hand | Yumi Bio

Temperature protecting...

Hair mask Nourishing Apricot

Hair mask Nourishing Apricot

Price €10.51
Oat curly hair moisturizing mask - Maternatura | Yumibio

Conditioner Detangling...

Hair mask Restructuring with Red grapes and Pomegranate - Allegro Natura| Yumibio

Detangler moisturizing curly hair with Murumuru Butter-Maternatura | Yumibio

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