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€11.89 (tax incl.)
The Purifying Mask to Neem Khadi is a purifying treatment for oily or normal, with a tendency to impurities.
Secrets des Fées
€3.79 (tax incl.)
The Purifying Mask for the Scalp of Secrets des Fées is a little magic that will take care of your hair! Balancing action and Refreshing - with lemon and green clay - Ingredients 100% Natural
€12.49 (tax incl.)
The Purifying Mask Anti-dandruff of Alkemilla treatment is purifying and antioxidant, indicated for hair with dandruff and grease.
€8.39 (tax incl.)
Thebody Wrap-Cleansing for oily Hair of Phitofilos is a sebum-regulating treatment for the scalp, oily and dry hair with dandruff.
€11.89 (tax incl.)
The Mask detox for hair and scalp Khadì, treatment is a detox 100% natural, purifying the scalp and hair, also perfect as a pre-treatment prior to the dyeing with the dyes plant for hair khadi.
Shea Moisture
€18.99 (tax incl.)
Not in stock
The hair Mask Purifying Shea Moisture is a mask that softens the hair and alleviala the itching of the scalp dry.
Gyada Cosmetics
€6.75 (tax incl.)
The Hair Mask Fabric 5 - Purifying Gyada Cosmetics is a professional treatment with an antiseptic, and balancing for oily hair.
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