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Alma Briosa
€13.89 (tax incl.)
The Fitoshampoo Hair Tonic Bio and Vegan for weak hair Alma Lively is a valuable resource against hair thinning, or with a tendency to fall. The Shampoo, Hair-Tonic is designed to be used in all cases of hair light,...
€20.49 (tax incl.)
The Hair Lotion Weak Mile Plus, Dr Taffi is a lotion with high performance designed for the problems of transience, fragility and the impurities of the hair. Returns vigour and brilliance.
MySezione Aurea
€11.89 (tax incl.)
Giuliana Shampoo the Divine is one Shampoo Organic anti-Fall and anti-Dandruff, great for delicately cleanse the skin while regulating sebum production.
Dr. Konopka's
€6.59 (tax incl.)
The Natural Shampoo anti hairloss of DR. KONOPKA'S is a cleansing vegan hair and skin created with vitamins boosters that help prevent hair loss.
Natura Siberica
€6.99 (tax incl.)
Natura Siberica - Beluga Men Shampoo-activator Against Hair Loss is a detergent created with siberian wild grasses that nourishes and strenghtens the hair from the roots
€12.49 (tax incl.)
The Shampoo Strengthener of Alkemilla is a cleansing, stimulating and revitalising indicated for weak hair, fragile, brittle, and prone to fall.
€7.40 (tax incl.)
Not in stock
The Shampoo Rinforzante per Mile of Fitocose is a gentle cleanser that gives volume to hair fine and sparse.
€10.50 (tax incl.)
The Shampoo Nettle and Millet, Plus Dr Taffi is an ideal product for cleansing and care of hair and scalp sensitive. Regenerates and strengthens the hair. The product is free of SLS, Organic, Vegan and Nickel Tested.
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