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Biofficina Toscana
€10.50 (tax incl.)
Treatment dedicated to the straight hair, fine, curly and wavy, in need of volume and protection extra. with Uviox®-Oleox®
Recepte Der Oma Gertrude
€4.49 (tax incl.)
Brand: Recepte Der Oma Gertrude 100% natural volumizing conditioner. It cares for thin hair gently, giving a volume effect.
Organic Shop
€3.99 (tax incl.)
This Raspberry & Acai conditioner by Organic Shop is perfect for thin and fragile hair. It will help them regain their natural volume and strenght, thanks to the Vitamins and biological element it contains.
Allegro Natura
€8.00 (tax incl.)
The Volumizing Balm Bio of Cheerful Nature with extracts of Chestnut, Flax & Pomegranate is perfect for adding volume and thickness to all hair types, especially those purposes, dishes and thin, while also...
€12.99 (tax incl.)
Not in stock
Balm ecobio for all hair Mango and Lemon; hydrating, refreshing, balancing and detangling for all hair.
€11.99 (tax incl.)
The Balm Organic Extra Volume of Alkemilla is a skin by the power detangling and volumizing.
Gyada Cosmetics
€11.89 (tax incl.)
This Conditioner Organic Volumizing of Gyada Cosmetics is very good for the care of fine and thin hair that are light and untangled. Perfect for thin hair and fat.
Dr. Konopka's
€6.59 (tax incl.)
Not in stock
The Natural Balm Volumizing Sage of Dr. Konopka is a treatment vegan ideal for fine hair, thin, without volume and thickness that they need to be nurtured and reinforced.
Madara Organic Skincare
€21.99 (tax incl.)
The Balm Grow Madara Organic Cosmetics is a biological treatment, bulking and strengthening, for hair light, silky.
Quantic Licium
€11.80 (tax incl.)
The Balm Revitalizing Coconut and Ginseng Quantic Licium is a balm organic for dry hair, curly and frizzy. Organic, Vegan, Nickel Tested, and Made in Italy.
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