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Alma Briosa
€13.89 (tax incl.)
The Fitoshampoo Hair Tonic Bio and Vegan for weak hair Alma Lively is a valuable resource against hair thinning, or with a tendency to fall. The Shampoo, Hair-Tonic is designed to be used in all cases of hair light,...
Biofficina Toscana
€10.50 (tax incl.)
Treatment dedicated to the straight hair, fine, curly and wavy, in need of volume and protection extra. with Uviox®-Oleox®
Dr. Konopka's
€5.99 (tax incl.)
Not in stock
The Mask Strengthening the Natural Hair of the DR. KONOPKA'S treatment is a vegan 's ideal to reinforce the fine hair, brittle and damaged.
Dr. Konopka's
€9.59 (tax incl.)
L'Oil Vegan Strengthening Fall-n. 28 of DR KONOPKA'S is an ideal treatment to combat hair fall and to give them thickness and strength, thanks to the combination of natural oils studied for the formulation of policy.
€20.49 (tax incl.)
The Hair Lotion Weak Mile Plus, Dr Taffi is a lotion with high performance designed for the problems of transience, fragility and the impurities of the hair. Returns vigour and brilliance.
€12.49 (tax incl.)
The Mask Strengthening of Alkemilla treatment is a stimulating and revitalising indicated for weak hair, fragile, brittle, and prone to fall.
Recepte Der Oma Gertrude
€4.49 (tax incl.)
Brand: Recepte Der Oma Gertrude 100% natural volumizing conditioner. It cares for thin hair gently, giving a volume effect.
Dr. Konopka's
€6.59 (tax incl.)
Not in stock
The Serum Vegan Fall of DR. KONOPKA'S is a fluid vegan hair and skin created with vitamins boosters that help prevent hair loss.
Le Erbe di Janas
€6.89 (tax incl.)
This Elixir is Concentrated, Strengthening anti-Fall of Herbs Janas is the ideal product to prevent and treat fall excessive of hair, thanks to the extracts of Brahmi, Myrtle, and Amla.
€16.89 (tax incl.)
The Mask Balm Bio & Vegan Millet Plus Dr Taffi is a mask-balm soft and extra nourishing designed for coloured hair, with have highlights and/or subject to permanent, plate and other treatments. The product is...
MySezione Aurea
€11.89 (tax incl.)
Giuliana Shampoo the Divine is one Shampoo Organic anti-Fall and anti-Dandruff, great for delicately cleanse the skin while regulating sebum production.
MySezione Aurea
€12.89 (tax incl.)
The Vials Osmotic Spray Stimulants Fall Luisanna are very practical and environmentally friendly. A product astonishing that will allow you to prevent and reduce the hair fall.
Organic Shop
€3.99 (tax incl.)
This Raspberry & Acai conditioner by Organic Shop is perfect for thin and fragile hair. It will help them regain their natural volume and strenght, thanks to the Vitamins and biological element it contains.
Dr. Konopka's
€6.59 (tax incl.)
The Natural Shampoo anti hairloss of DR. KONOPKA'S is a cleansing vegan hair and skin created with vitamins boosters that help prevent hair loss.
Madara Organic Skincare
€27.39 (tax incl.)
The Treatment Grow Boost Madara Organic Cosmetics is a ecobio that remineralises the scalp and stimulates the growth of strong and healthy hair.
Gyada Cosmetics
€14.89 (tax incl.)
The Wrap Firming with Spirulina Gyada Cosmetics is a treatment bio hair fragile, stressed-out and with split ends.
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