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Tea Natura
€0.99 (tax incl.)
The Glass Dispenser Powder of Tea Nature is a glass and plastic beakers for dosing of powder detergents.
Dispenser Reusable Bottles by 1 Liter Dispenser Reusable Bottles by 1 Liter
Special -10%
Limited time offer
€2.24 (tax incl.) €2.49
The Blower can be used for Bottles, 1 Liter Greenatural is an accessory that is valid for bottles and family-size bottles.
€2.99 (tax incl.)
The Single Straw Bamboo Bambaw is an excellent alternative to traditional drinking straws in plastic.
€3.89 (tax incl.)
The Soap dish of Hydrophil is a useful accessory to carry the soap with you.
€3.99 (tax incl.)
The Bag of Sisal Soap Hydrophil is an ideal accessory to make a lot of lather to the soap, and perform an exfoliating action.
€4.65 (tax incl.)
The Microfibre Cloth for Glass of Verdevero is an ideal accessory to clean the glass in a single pass.
€5.55 (tax incl.)
The floor Cloth of Verdevero is an ideal accessory for getting the floors shiny and clean in a single pass.
€6.90 (tax incl.)
The Bag Anti - Odour for the Dustbin of Labnatù is a bag that dehumidifies and encapsulates the moisture and neutralizes the bacterial load, cause of the bad smell.
€6.90 (tax incl.)
The Perfumer Tarmifugo 2 pieces of Labnatù is a bag mothproof that the wicks and scent your clothes.
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