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Bring the nature in your homes! How? Easy: with air fresheners based organic plant essences. Here you can find many natural scents for the bedroom or for other rooms, made with essential oils and other safe ingredients that do not involve the addition of harmful chemicals. In the catalog Yumi Bio you will discover the many fragrances and delicate perfumes for the environment.

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Showing 1-20 of 188 item(s)

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Scented Laundry Gift Set
Roll-on - Litsea and Waxed - Olfactory | Yumibio

Roll-on - Litsea and Waxed

Price €9.50
Scented Candle Harmony - PuroBio Home| Yumibio

Scented Candle - Harmony

Price €9.89
The synergy of essential Oils, the Oxygen in the 10 ml - Olfactory | Yumibio
Organic perfume with essential oils-Citrus 20ml-Verdevero | Yumibio

Incense Gift Set

Incense Gift Set

Price €7.50
Fragrance dispenser for...

Fragrance dispenser for Tissues - October in Chianti

Price €18.24 Regular price €22.80 -20%
Candle Plant - Love - Cheerful-Nature | Yumibio

Candle Plant - Love

Price €15.90
Pyramid Incense - Tea-Nature | Yumibio

Pyramid Incense

Price €2.10 Regular price €3.50 -40%
Perfumer to the Environment...

PaloSanto - the air freshener and Cabinets - The herbal Janas | Yumibio

Spray for the Environment,...

Car diffuser Anti-odor to Shoe - Labnatù | Yumibio

Scented air freshener Spray - Lavender - Antos Cosmesi | Yumibio

Natural oil Monoi

Natural oil Monoi

Price €10.32 Regular price €12.90 -20%
Essential oil of Ginger - Akamuti | Yumibio

The Essential oil of Ginger

Price €9.59
Essential oil Red Mandarin - Akamuti | Yumibio

Essential oil of Mandarin Red

Price €8.59
Essential oil of Pink Grapefruit - Akamuti | Yumibio

Essential oil of Pink Grapefruit

Price €6.59
Essential oil of Mandarin - Akamuti | Yumibio

Pure Essential Oil of Mandarin

Price €5.99
Platelets Mosquito...

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