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On Yumibio there is a vast catalog dedicated to men's fragrances. These products are manufactured according to procedures that respect the environment because there is no alcohol and that involve natural elements. The fragrances of the vegetables that contain the true essence of masculine charm, and the freshness of the green world.

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Meludium 11 Eau de Parfum for Him - Bioearth | Yumibio

Scented Water - Sandal - Fitocose | Yumibio

Scented Water - Sandal

Price €8.90
Scented water - Woody Man "the Scent of The Woods" - Fitocose | Yumibio

Scented water - Russia Leather - Fitocose | Yumibio

Gift Set Routines For Men | Yumibio
Full kit Zero Waste Man-face, beard, body and hair
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