Deodorants the natural man

The best deodorants with organic man, with a good INCI and at the same time effective, you can find them on Yumi Bio. Also formed in the spray, but absolutely devoid of any trace of formaldehyde, or aluminum chlorohydrate, nor parabens or alcohol, the selected brands and on sale on the website deal with deodorants, natural and for this respectful of the pH of the skin.

You can always be at ease with these deodorants underarm without aluminum and parabens, or aluminum salts, are developed to be dermo-compatible and high-performance.

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Aromatic Water Neutralises Odours Vegan "Zephyr"

Deodorant Spray Man - Avril | Yumibio

Deodorant Spray Man

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Deodorant spray Man

Deodorant spray Man

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