Organic products for hair styling

The products for styling hair define that final touch to the hairstyle or blow-dry, capable of ensuring a long-lasting hold. Just for this, however, often these items made with a massive use of chemical agents , "offensive" for the hair, that are likely to ruin the hair. On Yumi Bio, instead, you can find products hair styling are absolutely natural, without silicones, including hair gel, mousse, for perfect curls and creams designed to tame the blur more irreverent.

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Showing 1-20 of 153 item(s)

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Thermoprotective Dry Oil-Biofficina Toscana | Yumibio

Silky Cream-silk effect...

High Porosity goji berry Hair Primer-Maternatura | Yumibio

Akvo - Water Texturizzante - Plumping, Refreshing and anti-frizz - Bisoubio | Yumibio

Cocco Cream - Coconut and...

Moon Milk - Milk-Governing - Anarkhia |Yumibio

Curly Mousse, Shaping and Plumping - Kamelì | Yumibio

Styling fluid hair Orange,...

Green Nectar - Rinse acid, Nourishing and Moisturising - Gentleaf | Yumibio

Cream Activates Curls - The Saponaria | Yumibio

Cream Revives Curls

Price €11.99
Tonic for Hair "Wonder" - Khadì | Yumibio

Tonic for Hair "Wonder"

Price €14.89
In Riordino
Hair Gel Strengthener to the Spirulina - Gyada Cosmetics | Yumibio

Hair Gel Firming with Spirulina

Price €12.90
Milk Modeling Ricci - Alkemilla | Yumibio

Milk Modelling for Curly Hair

Price €11.89
Spray Insulating Hair...

Spray Insulating Hair Ecobio with Helichrysum

Price €15.20 Regular price €16.89 -10%
In Riordino
Esmeralda Protective Hair Routine - Esmeralda Cosmetics | Yumibio

Esmeralda Protective Hair Routine

Price €41.10 Regular price €45.67 -10%
In Riordino
Lacquer Spray Natural - Bioturm| Yumibio

Lacquer Spray Natural

Price €8.99
Liquid crystals Bio with the Horsetail

Liquid crystals Bio with the Horsetail

Price €7.90
Spray Temperature Protecting Device Sapotè - Naturaequa| Yumibio

ALTEAzzosa-Milk Leave In-Parentheses Bio | Yumibio

ALTEAzzosa-Milk Leave In

Price €16.90
Gift Set For Perfect Curls

Gift Set For Perfect Curls

Price €30.78
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