Shampoo natural and organic

The shampoo is a treatment magazine, which if characterized by an aggressive approach and a little delicate, in the long run may have hit exhausting and harmful. The secret is to always use items from the brands safe, appropriate to the different quality of hair, whether dry, oily, straight or curly, the important thing is to choose with consciousness a shampoo without parabens or chemical elements, but from the formulation of organic, natural and with good INCI.

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Showing 1-20 of 496 item(s)

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Shampoo Chamomile for...

Shampoo Chamomile for Frequent Use

Price €11.99
Nou - Nourishing Shampoo - BeWell Green | Yumibio

Noù - Nourishing Shampoo

Price €15.99
Shampoo BioFiller...

Mousse, Shampoo-Volumizing - Biofficina Tuscany | Yumibio

Shampoo for Treated Hair

Shampoo for Treated Hair

Price €9.00
Shampoo Micellar for Seborrhoeic - Domus Olea Toscana| Yumibio

Shampoo Acid - Alkemilla | Yumi Bio

Shampoo Acid Ecobio

Price €11.39
In Riordino
Shampoo bio for Frizzy Hair Calendula - maternatura products | Yumi Bio

Kernò Cowash Detoxifying and Restructuring - Bisoubio | Yumibio

Sun - Gentle Shampoo - Bioearth | Yumibio

Sun - Delicate Shampoo

Price €14.00
Shampoo Solid - Eywa | Yumibio

Shampoo Solid Blue Sardinia

Price €12.00
Shampoo, Ayurvedic oil,...

Hyalurvedic Purifying Shampoo - Gyada Cosmetics | Yumibio

Hyalurvedic Purifying Shampoo

Price €10.89
Shampoo Solido Idratante e...

Shampoo Solido Idratante e Ricostituente

Price €12.90
Shampoo Solido Volumizzante...

Shampoo Solido Volumizzante n.134

Price €9.99
Starter Kit Zero Waste Hair-Cleanser

Starter Kit Zero Waste Hair-Cleanser

Price €19.39
Full kit Zero Waste hair with dandruff - Yumibio

Full kit Zero Waste hair with dandruff

Price €69.68
In Riordino
Fresh Hair Shampoo, Solid - oily Hair, Fine and Normal - Almara Soap | Yumibio

Biototal Shampoo inulin and Castor-Le Herbarie | Yumibio

Biototal Shampoo inulin and Castor

Price €22.00
Shampoo Hair-Smoothing -...

Shampoo Hair-Smoothing - Spotlight

Price €4.49
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