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Brushes and combs material ecobio

Hair care must be a duty that is reflected in every gesture, even how to comb them, for example, is crucial to their health. Tools such as brushes and combs play a central role, therefore, for this reason it is important that those that you choose are not made with inferior materials. On Yumi's Bio you will find only brushes and combs natural wood characteristics total bio, that does not electrify the hair, but will detangle without break them, also taking care of the quality most fine and thin.

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Showing 1-20 of 148 item(s)

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Coconut bowl and spoon Set - my Sezione Aurea | Yumibio

Vegan silk Scrunchie - Eternity-Gentleaf | Yumibio

Comb Wood Wide Teeth - Avril| Yumibio

The comb, Wood Wide Tooth

Price €3.99
Towel Magic Pressed 100% Cotton - Maternatura Products | Yumi Bio

Clean Brushes - The Kikke | Yumibio

Clean Brushes

Price €2.50
Hair band-Multicolor 6

Fabric cable tie-red

Starter Kit Zero Waste Hair-Accessories
Magic Twister - Accessory for Braids - Le Kikke | Yumibio

Vegan silk Scrunchie - White Dragon - Gentleaf | Yumibio

Brush Comb Tornado - Tek | Yumibio

Comb Brush Tornado

Price €37.00
Cap Wraps in the Cotton - ElbiDesign |Yumibio

Cap Wraps in the Cotton

Price €26.50
Shower cap Flowers - The Kikke | Yumibio

Shower cap Flowers

Price €1.50
Rectangular Brush - Mood | Yumibio

Rectangular brush Wood of Bamboo

Price €10.90
In Riordino
Dye brush-Khadì | Yumibio

Tint Brush

Price €18.42
Hair band - Blue with flowers

Hair band - Blue with flowers

Price €4.90
Gift Set, Hair Accessories | Yumibio

Gift Set, Hair Accessories

Price €37.78
Full Kit Zero Waste Fat Hair-Yumibio

Full Kit Zero Waste Oily Hair

Price €60.46
The Retina for Dry...

The Retina for Dry Diskettes Cleansing

Price €3.00
Comb Double Natural Wood

Comb Double Natural Wood

Price €9.50
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