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Facial Scrub for all skin types

The impurity is the main enemy of the skin. The scrubs based on natural ingredients are the most effective method to combat it, by removing dead cells with their exfoliating properties, so as to give a new breath to the skin of the face. On Yumi Bio the best scrubs organic to the needs of all skin types.

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Showing 1-20 of 112 item(s)

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Exfoliating Gel Enzyme - Jamalfi | Yumibio

Mask, Peeling, Anti-Age Ecobio Face and Body - Domus Olea Toscana | Yumi Bio

Lux Enzyme Peeling Three-Phase

Facial Scrub, Saffron - Dry, Mature Skin - Bioearth | Yumibio

Enzyme Peeling Powder - Borlind | Yumibio

Holud-Anti-Aging Facial Scrub-Rasayana | Yumibio

Holud-Anti-Aging Facial Scrub

Price €16.90
2 Solid Face Scrubs -...

Scrubs, Solid Face & Body - Purifying - Bewell | Yumibio

ETERNIDADE Enzyme Peeling...

ETERNIDADE Enzyme Peeling Face Mask - Lifting Filler

Price €35.91 Regular price €39.90 -10%
Face Scrub with Red berries

Delicate Body Face Scrub - Me Natural Skincare | Yumibio

Gentle Body Face Scrub

Price €17.00
Serum Exfoliating Enzyme -...

Full Kit Zero Waste Face-Oily Skin

Full Kit Zero Waste Face-Oily Skin

Price €67.57
In Riordino
Starter Kit Zero Waste...
Routine Acne Skin Care

Routine Acne Skin Care

Price €28.85 Regular price €30.37 -5%
In Riordino
Moisturizing and antioxidant face Scrub - Perle-Bisou bio | Yumibio

Facial Scrub-Floral Fragrance - Sensitive Skin - UpCircle | Yumibio

Facial Scrub-Floral Fragrance - Sensitive Skin

Price €11.96 Regular price €14.95 -20%
Smoothing and Brightening Face Scrub-Gyada Cosmetics | Yumibio

Smoothing and Brightening Face Scrub

Price €9.90
Cleansing Gel Scrubs - Beonme | Yumibio

Cleansing Gel Scrubs

Price €12.50
Glycolica Pretreatment acid - Alkemilla|Yumibio

Glycolica Pretreatment acid

Price €10.49
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