The Moisturizing products for the face should increase the water content of the skin by maintaining it smooth and soft.

The right level of hydration, the skin is retained by the water coming from the surrounding environment, from the fabrics sottotostanti and a film idrolipido uniform along the stratum corneum.

Ingredients like Aloe Vera, Rose, Hamamelis, Mallow, Ylang Ylang and Avocado are used in the preparation of cosmetics for facial care with hydrating action.

Each type of skin has its own moisturizing perfect cream nourishing for dry skin, moisturizers for dehydrated skin, creams sebum balancing for oily skin, creme anti-age for mature skins and even creams effect plumping.

Discover the right product for you with the peace of mind of being able to choose the best cosmetics ecobio from all over the world!

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