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Yumi Bio helps you to take care of your body with methods and accessories which are completely natural. A wide range of items perfect for every type of treatment, from hair removal to special therapies through the beauty of the hands, made with organic ingredients and vegetable that leave unchanged the quality and the natural characteristics of the body, while preserving the health and appearance.

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Showing 1-20 of 198 item(s)

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Body Care Gift Set

Body Care Gift Set

Price €9.98
Coconut bowl and spoon Set - my Sezione Aurea | Yumibio

Cotton soap bag - Avril | Yumibio

Cotton soap holder bag

Price €4.00
Anti-Cellulite Micro-Massage Shorts Black-Solidea | Yumibio

Full Kit Zero Waste Body-Sensitive Skin
Universal Massage Band with...
Earwig Large - Straight Tip - Le Kikke | Yumibio

Empty bottle 100 ml-Naturaequa | Yumibio

Empty bottle 100 ml

Price €1.00
Back Scratch / Massage
Natural bamboo bath Pouf sponge-Mood | Yumibio

Large Cork container - natural sense | Yumibio

Large Cork container

Price €8.90
Black Micro-Massage Sports Panty-Solidea | Yumibio

Sponge Natural coral Reef 14-15 cm - Spugnificio Rosenfeld | Yumibio

Solid Door-Coccoon | Yumibio

Solid Door

Price €5.00
Nose and Ear Cleaning Gift Set
Retina Portasolido - Biofficina Tuscany | Yumibio

Retina Portasolido

Price €1.90
Safety razor Bamboo - Bambaw | Yumibio

Safety razor with Bamboo

Price €21.99
Body glove Exfoliating Bamboo and Natural Fiber - ElbiDesign | Yumibio

Loofah Soap - Officina Naturae | Yumibio

Loofah Soap

Price €2.50
Sponge Archipelago Washed

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