Specific Treatments

Special therapies ecobio for the body

In this section we have selected all the products made with the organic standards, and natural therapies are directed to and localized in certain parts of the body, such as cellulite creams, creams, toners, lotions that combat dry skin to a stage important, formulas against ingrown hairs. In short, a series of solutions to specific problems through targeted treatments absolutely green and eco-friendly.

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Showing 1-20 of 138 item(s)

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Whole salts of the Dead Sea-Bio Lady | Yumibio

Whole Dead Sea salts

Price €10.19
Anti-Spots Cream - Hyper White

Anti-Spots Cream - Hyper White

Price €28.00
Close the Mud - Fango anti-Cellulite Green Clay - Parentheses Bio | Yumibio

Balm for the Skin - Miracle Balm - Almara Soap | Yumibio

Organic St. John's Wort oily macerate - Avril | Yumibio
Ointment Thyme - The Saponaria |YumiBio

Ointment Thyme

Price €11.00
Pasta to Water and Zinc Oxide - Fitocose | Yumibio

Pasta to Water and Zinc Oxide

Price €7.90
Oil Arnica and Devil's...

Nice Behind In Oil - Body Circulation - Olfactory | Yumibio

Silver Ointment 33 - Bioturm | Yumibio

Ointment Silver no. 33

Price €37.95
Z-Calm - Gel-Soothing And refreshing - Mint-e Health | Yumibio

Z-Calm - Gel-Soothing And Regenerating

Price €22.41 Regular price €24.90 -10%
Body - Gieffe | Yumibio

Cold Gel Algae and Menthol - Bewell Green| Yumibio

Cold Gel Seaweed and Menthol

Price €38.99
Spray Sos Legs - Domus Olea Toscana | Yumibio

Spray Sos Legs For Extra Freshness

Price €19.99
Cream Bilberry for Varicose Veins - Alkemilla | Yumibio

Cream Bilberry for Varicose Veins

Price €19.89
ETERNIADE' Serum Elixir - Lifting with Fillers - Esmeralda | Yumibio

ETERNIADE Serum Elixir - Lifting Filler

Price €53.91 Regular price €59.90 -10%
Ointment to the Borage

Ointment to the Borage

Price €10.30
Lipolytic Reducing Bandages...

Lipolytic Reducing Bandages - Slim UP

Price €35.00
Fitopomata Chaulmoogra Bio...

Carrot oil - Akamuti | Yumibio

Vegan Carrot oil

Price €13.99
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