Oils and Butters

Nature wants us to be beautiful, is it for this that puts at our disposal a series of elements and ingredients that are used in beauty treatments for the body can give great results. For example, some butters and oils for the body and make our skin as a whole soft, hydrated and perfumed, then, the fact that these articles do not contain any trace of parabens or chemical agents, gives our body an appearance of extraordinary wellness. Browse our catalogs and discover all the products for the body ecobio.

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Showing 1-20 of 180 item(s)

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Nigella Sativa and fenugreek oil-Isha| Yumibio

Nigella Sativa and fenugreek oil

Price €25.00
Oil Elasticity Ecobio Myrtle

Oil Elasticity Ecobio Myrtle

Price €22.40 Regular price €24.89 -10%
Geloni Treatment Gift Set - Yumibio
Body oil with prickly pear

Oil Arnica and Devil's...

Oil Anti-Age Ecobio Face, Body and Hair 50 ml - Domus Olea Toscana | Yumibio

Starter Kit Zero Waste face-cleansing and nourishment

St. John's wort Oleolite-Le Herbarie | Yumibio

Shea butter, Pure

Shea butter, Pure

Price €6.49
Oil Spray - Oil-Hair-Revitalizing and anti-frizz - Antos | Yumibio

Oil Anti-Cellulite Chili...

Oil Anti-Cellulite Chili pepper

Price €13.80
Candle Body Rituality - Therine Skin Care | Yumibio

Candle Body Rituality

Price €29.00
Bliss Beauty Oil - Oil for Face, Body and Hair - the Zero Waste Path | Yumibio

Bliss Beauty Oil - Oil for Face, Body and Hair

Price €19.20 Regular price €24.00 -20%
Solid heart Bear butter for body and hair-Parentesi Bio | Yumibio

Solid heart Bear butter for body and hair

Price €14.90
Body Oil Nourishing - Biocosmè | Yumibio

Body Oil Nourishing

Price €23.00
Full Kit Zero Waste Body - Dry Skin - Yumibio

Full Kit Zero Waste Body-Dry Skin

Price €93.66
Organic Almond oil-Scented - Pink - Alkemilla|YumiBio

Organic Almond oil - Scented Pink

Price €12.49
Elixir Oil Body Mood 100 ml - Olfactory | Yumibio

Elixir Oil Body Mood 100 ml

Price €17.00
Shea butter, Organic Super...

Shea butter, Organic Super Hydrating

Price €7.88
WonderOlio - Alma Lively | Yumibio

WonderOlio - Oil Biphasic Nutrient

Price €23.91 Regular price €29.89 -20%
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