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Natural treatments and organic hand care

Our hands say a lot about us: a hand-curated and well-kept is a sign of health and well-being. That's why taking care of your own hands must not be limited only to the outward appearance of the manicure. Palms chapped, cuticles, irritated skin and flaking nails can be the result of aggressive treatments, performed with products containing chemicals and silicones. Yumi Bio, also in this case, has the answer the most ecological and natural way to the problem. Lotions, soothing creams made with herbal ingredients, treatments repairers that applied daily restores elasticity and smoothness to the back of the hand, ringiovanendola.

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Full Kit Zero Waste Mani - Yumibio
Geloni Treatment Gift Set - Yumibio
Dry and sanitized hands Gift Set - Yumibio

Hand Hygiene Gift Set

Price €22.49
Hand Sanitizing Gel-Natureaqua | Yumibio

Hand sanitizer Gel 100ml

Price €3.90
Huile Verte - Nail Oil-Manucurist | Yumibio

Huile Verte-Nail Oil

Price €14.00
Botanical hand sanitizer 250 ml-Janas herbs | Yumibio

Botanical hand sanitizer 250 ml

Price €9.89
Protective Hand Cream - Bioearth|Yumibio

Routine Anti-age Hands | Yumibio

Routine Anti-age Hands

Price €26.38 Regular price €27.77 -5%
Hand sanitizer with Tea...

Hand sanitizer with Tea Tree - 130 ml

Price €9.99
In Riordino
Balsamo multi-purpose Hands, Body and Lips - the Zero Waste Path | Yumibio
Ciaccione - Cleansing Hands with Alcohol - Tuscan Roots | Yumibio

Ciaccione - Hand Cleanser with Alcohol

Price €5.90
Nourishing Hand Cream-Me Natural Skincare | Yumibio

Nourishing Hand Cream

Price €18.00
HOpe - Gel Instant Hand Sanitiser - Be | Yumibio

HOpe - Gel Sanitizer

Price €6.80
Detergent Spray Hand Sanitizer - Domus Olea Toscana | Yumibio

Detergent Spray Hand Sanitizer

Price €8.90
Toothbrush Nails

Toothbrush Nails

Price €8.99
Detergent Hand Sanitizer Gel - 500 ml - Officina Naturae | Yumibio

Detergent Hand Sanitizer Gel - 500 ml

Price €11.70
Hand cream Summer no.52 - Bioturm | Yumibio

Hand cream Intensive care no.52

Price €5.99
Hand Sanitizer Kit 500 ml +...

Hand Sanitizer Kit 500 ml + Spray 50 ml

Price €22.00
Nourishing and Elasticizing...

Protective and sanitizing Gel with Tea Tree, Mint and Neem-Maternatura | Yumibio

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