Cellulite and stretch marks

Natural remedies and ecobio for stretch marks

For the prevention and treatment of stretch marks there are various natural remedies that rely on herbal ingredients, such as shea butter, or as almond oil or flax seeds, but also to gels and lotions rich in vitamin C, the task of making it even more elastic and toned tissues, avoiding the much-feared "effect gaping", especially during pregnancy. Below, Yumi Bio offers you an accurate selection of the products ecobio stretch mark listed.

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Anti-Cellulite Draining...

Lipolytic Reducing Bandages...

Anti-Cellulite Micro-Massage Leggins Black-Solidea | Yumibio

Professional Reducing Mud -...

Firming Professional Mud -...

Professional Draining Mud -...

Gel Slimming Algae and Essential Oils - Bewell Green| Yumibio

Reducing Concentrate for...

Draining Concentrate for...

Micronized for Firming and...

Cream Body Lipo Drains Lift - Domus Olea Toscana | Yumibio

Cream Body Lipo Drains Lift

Price €33.99
Micronized for Reducing and...

Black Micro-Massage Sports Panty-Solidea | Yumibio

Black Micro-Massage Sports Panty-Size 2 M

Price €47.90
Anti-Cellulite Draining Lipotic Cream-Esmeralda | Yumibio

Anti-Cellulite Draining Lipolytic Cream

Price €26.91 Regular price €29.90 -10%
Anti-cellulite body mud...

Cream Ice Anti-Cellulite...

Cream Ice Anti-Cellulite 90/60/90

Price €22.89
Draining Supplement - Cell...

Draining Supplement - Cell Booster Drain

Price €22.41 Regular price €24.90 -10%
Body cream Firming and...

Body cream Firming and Draining

Price €26.99
Bandages Gauze for Professional Treatments - Bewell | Yumibio

Bandages Gauze for Professional Treatments

Price €5.50
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