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SO’BiO étic
€8.15 (tax incl.)
Between Bio Étic Roll-On Massage Arnica with its virtues of soothing and balancing care of the bruises and minor injuries of the skin. It is a recipe for totally natural and made of essential oils and organic arnica...
SO’BiO étic
€8.15 (tax incl.)
A natural relief in case of inflammation to the muscles and joints, in sports and in the daily stress. A delicate massage with the ancient virtues of essential oils coming from agriculture biological.
SO’BiO étic
€6.89 (tax incl.)
Between Bio Étic Roll-On Anti-Piqures is a quick relief from the itching from insect bites , and plants stinging. Oils natural organic soothe the tingling sensation and you can continue to explore the nature in freedom!
Le Erbe di Janas
€12.99 (tax incl.)
L'Oil of Fragrance of herbs Janas is a vegetable oil virgin from the anti-inflammatory properties, healing, antiseptic, strengthening,emollient and soothing properties. Indicated for the treatment of hair weak and...
Alma Briosa
€14.49 (tax incl.)
The FitoArgilla Argiglio Alma Lively is a compress to be applied to soothe the areas of the joints and help to restore the physiological mobility.
Mint-e Health
€12.50 (tax incl.)
The Z-Gel - Gel-First Aid-Mint-and Health is a product of first-aid, useful in many situations such as bruises, pain, minor burns, itching and insect bites and stings.
La Saponaria
€11.00 (tax incl.)
TheOintment at the Timo of The Soap solution is a great treatment balsamic vinegar to the chest, back and neck.
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