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€10.39 (tax incl.)
The Gentle Shampoo Bio-Aloe and Almond of the Hand is a cleanser for nourishing, moisturizing and regenerating for all hair types, perfect for frequent use , thanks to the delicate surfactants of vegetable origin.
PuraVida Bio
€16.59 (tax incl.)
The Baby Shampoo for Sensitive Skin of PuraVida Bio , thanks to its delicate formula is indicated specifically for sensitive skin of children and infants, with a sweet fragrance, hypo-allergenic that helps to rest.
€10.59 (tax incl.)
Not in stock
The Conditioner Leave In Bio anti frizz of Hand is a conditioning treatment for frizzy hair that take advantage of the wonderful quality of theCotton Oil and the Apple juice Pink. Gives hair silky, luminous and...
Tea Natura
€5.98 (tax incl.)
TheCoconut Oil Organic Virgin of Tea Nature is a wonderful oil multipurpose ideal for the care of skin and hair. Has a delightful scent is sweet and fruity and strong properties, nourishing, moisturizing. And'...
Tea Natura
€3.99 (tax incl.)
TheCoconut Oil Superabbronzante of Tea Nature is a prodigious oil multi-purpose perfect for the care of skin and hair from the strong properties, nourishing, moisturizing and anti-aging. Ideal as a sunblock to assist...
€11.79 (tax incl.)
The Maternatura Hair Definition Gel Aloe & Frangipani is a multifunctional gel with a tropical scent. Suitable for all hair types. Moisturizing, shining, and soothing action. For an easy styling. Anti-frizzy effect.
€13.99 (tax incl.)
Not in stock
The Mask and Red Hair of the Spark has nourishing, anti-frizz and skin. Enhances the color and the natural reflexes of the red hair. Nourishing and rich, without being heavy.
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