What is yumibio cashback?

It is a reward program for you who choose us for your ecobio purchases!

Signing up on Yumibio receive for each purchase a voucher equal to 10% of the amount spent to use for your next orders!

When Will I receive my cashback?

The cashback is generated when the order is shipped. Automatically receive a summary email with the code and the amount.

Where can I find my cashback vouchers?

Your cashback codes are available in the coupons section in your customer area


And also directly in the cart, ready to be placed in the order simply by clicking on.

Does the cashback have a deadline?

Yes, it is valid for 90 days from the time of shipment of the order. The expiration time varies depending on the time the cashback was generated at the time of shipment of the order. For this reason, it may happen that you try to use the voucher on the day scheduled for expiration but can not find it. In this case the good is expire, it is always better then use it one day before the expected deadline.

Can the cashback be accumulated with other discount codes?

No, you can use one discount code at a time, except for promotions where otherwise specified

Can I use cashback if I pay with a Gift Card?

Yes, the two codes are compatible.